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How to start your Sign Lanugage Interpre
ASL Interpreting Business Mentor
online meeting | 2 session
As a Nationally Certified Advanced Interpreter and Texas BEI Advanced, I have a long history of work Experience .  I have been Trained in Mentoring with Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf and have several years of working with recent graduates in the interpreting program in Austin Tx. Moving around the country I have had to reinvent myself a few times and re-establish my business This Mentoring session will be "Tip/Tricks to getting started in ASL Interpreting after your ITP has sent you packin!   You will be presented with tools to help with Scheduling, connecting with agencies, how to know what to bill (rate wise), invoicing, how to handle CEU' collection, communication strategies and do's and don'ts as a emerging professional in the field of Interpreting.
*Free entrance to a safe place/ resource sharing group.  This is free for  your first 3 months and then a $5/monthly fee to stay in a safe and secure place.    
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Price: $125
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